Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lance Armstrong Comeback to Cycling

I don't understand athletes fad about going into to retirement then something hits them and they have a revelation. Then the next year they decide they want to comeback out of retirement. I really really do not understand this concept part of me thinks that athletes do it when they start to fizzle out. Maybe its a way to all of a sudden draw more attention to yourself. Either way Lance is back !!! Lance Armstrong just the other day announced that he will be coming out of retirement. The question rest in my mind has Lance come out of retirement to go on to more Tour De France wins or is he just coming back out to race again. Only time will truly tell. Despite the fact that am a huge Lance Armstrong fan i would like to see someone else get to win some for a change. Either way I just glad he's back to doing what he does best.

Lance Armstrong's Trek Madone 6.9 Livestrong

"One of the first observations Trek’s team liaison Ben Coates tells Cyclingnews about is the number of fellow pro riders that ask to be photographed with Lance Armstrong’s Trek Madone 6.9, complete with Livestrong livery. Astana team mechanic Chris agrees, as he checks the weight of the rig.

"Seven twenty six," says Chris to Silence-Lotto mechanic Steven in Flemish. They then discuss the various aspects of Lance’s bike compared to Matt Lloyd’s Silence-Lotto Canyon, the bike I have just been measuring and photographing for this section of Cyclingnews. It’s a nice exchange between two experienced wrenchers who have seen most of the bike exotica the pro peloton has on offer.

"This is a stock bike, we pulled it right off the line," says Coates. "There’s no special person that builds Lance’s bikes, no special process they go through... Someone went to the back of the factory in Waterloo, Wisconsin and took the bike off the line and painted it up."

We did this bike in less than 10 days - from a twinkle in the designer’s eye to the delivery here in Adelaide," says Coates. "It was really a remarkable feat to pull it together - basically, all we got from Lance was, ‘Maybe think about how long I’ve been retired’.

Where it gets all customised is in the paintjob. The number 1274 represents the number of days Armstrong was retired before making his comeback at the Cancer Council Classic in Adelaide, whilst 27.5 represents the millions of people who have died from the disease in the time since the seven-time Tour de France champion stepped off the podium in Paris after sealing his last Tour crown..."

"...Overall, like Armstrong’s comeback, it’s a machine designed to convey a message, and unlike the statement he’s made in the past, this time it might just be a bit about the bike."

It is about the bike... By Les Clarke

Not a bad ride to roll on in after 1274 days of retirement. Looks like such a fierce bike and weighing in at seven twenty six I would die to get my hands on that for a day. It is an amazing looking bike and I hope that we still see many great things coming from him in the future, because he is a legend and desires to continue on as one.

Do you think Lance Armstrong will come back to win it again this year?

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