Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting Ready for Race Day

I have been getting both mentally and physically prepared for my race this Sunday !! I will be racing in the Mack Cycle Key Biscayne Triathlon Trilogy #2, at the Miami Marine Stadium. They recently changed the location of the race from Crandon Park to the Miami Marine Stadium. I don't know why they did that but I expect that it will be just a great of a race as the one they always have at Crandon Park. For those of you who live in the South Florida area I am sure that you know about this is race, and if you don't I will tell you. It is the best sprint triathlon in this area!! Amazing views of the water and downtown and the climb up the causeway is absoutely insane. There is such an energy at this race from the volunteers all the way up to the racers. I can not continue to say enough go things about this race, if you live in this area and haven't race the Trilogy yet I highly suggest you do. If for no other reason, there are three races and a bonus race, all of which are on the same course. This is a great advantage as most races differ alittle here and there on the mileage and it is hard to accurately judge your difference in times. If you are interested in racing you can find them at or go directly to the race registration. Feel free to say hi if you see me as I am very hard to miss. I will be the only six foot eight guy out there probably. Always nice to be able to meet my readers !!

A little under a week left and I am in crunch time right now. Watching what I eat, making sure I am getting enough sleep, and trying to get all my workouts in before my last day of recovery. Been very busy with work this week so getting in my workouts has been a little bit of a hassle but I've managed as of yet to get everything done I've set out to do. I have also been riding my bike anywhere I can reasonably take it. This is one of my great workout secrets, as it allows me and easy extra 20-30 miles a week of "working out". I can get almost anywhere on my bike as fast as I can drive, but since im commuting it doesnt really feel as if im working out.

Today: I work part time as a swim coach for a 6-18 year old swim team. So I will ride to practice to today (extra 5 miles) and after swim practice I will swim a 1/4 mile in the pool, proceed to hop on my bike and ride home. As soon as I get home Im going to get on a 4 mile run so that A) I can practice my T2 and B) So that I can log in some miles running as I definately need some extra running before sunday.

Tomorrow I am going for another 3-4 mile run at race pace and I will do alot of streching both before and after. This is so that I can start loosing any muscle that might be tight and I dont get any cramps doing the race.

Friday: I will have an moderately difficult ride to the beach (11.7 miles round trip), do some more stretching on the beach once I get there. Going for about a 1/4 mile open water swim. As I do alot of pool swimming and I like to practice my open water swim a couple of days before to mentally prepare myself. Once I hop out of water practice a fast T1 transition hop on the bike and go home. I also plan to con my girlfriend into giving me a full body massage to get all the extra kinks out that I did get out stretching. She not aware of this yet but see will be soon enough :)

Saturday: REST AND RECOVERY !!! The day before the race I reserve for resting and recovering. I want to be a full strength the next day. Making sure that I don't eat anything that won't sit will the next day at the race. I also start planning out the race in my mind. Reminding myself what my times should look like. Remembering what I am grabbing during my transitions. Packing up all my things the night before as there is no way im going to do it at 4:30 in the morning, thats just asking for trouble. Other than that I might go for an easy ride or fast walk around the block around mid day or in the morning just to keep my body sort of fresh. Day before race though is all about mental work though making sure that my mind will be in the right place on sunday.

Then its off to the races! I will have some one taking many pictures of the race on Sunday, which I will post up so all of you can see. Even more reason to find me at the race, because if you do you picture will probably be on my blog next week. Good luck to all of you who are racing this Sunday and I look forward to see you guys at the race!

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