Saturday, July 25, 2009

Good Deals on Bikes Review

I was looking up some bikes for you and I found a couple of good deal for a good starter bike. This will be good enough for your first couple of triathlons until you get a little more serious. Some of these bikes will be too big for you as you are under 5'3. There are plenty of deals out there, this is just from things that were posted on Craigslist. Most of these bikes are not going to fit you but I wanted you to see what kind of deals there are to be found. This is only two days worth of Craigslist and there are other sites that you can search on. Just as an fyi at 5'2 you will probably need a bike with 36"-42" frame, somewhere in that ballpark.

One of the best deals that I have found. This bike is $675 probably is worth at least twice that including all the gear that it comes with:

The tire repair pack, Look pedals, Digital speedometer, Diadora shoes and cleats, matching Le tour de france water bottles, helmet, gloves and sunglasses will be included if you want to take them.

Pros: Good starter to Advanced bike. No upgrading or spare parts needed.
Cons: Mildly expensive, if you are not sure you are going to keep racing

Like new, rarely used Raleigh. This is a 700 dollar bike for 350 pretty good steal for a bike that has been slightly used.

Pros: Great Deal.
Cons: Will need some updating cost in the future, even though it is race ready

I know this one is a little out of your prices range at $4500 but I feel in love with bike when I found it. I figure I'd put something here for you to dream about.

Pros: Very fast bike, with Easton tubular tires
Cons: No aero bars, alot of lunch money

My bike !! At a $110 this bike is a steal for a first time racer. Will need to update your ride as it will keep you competitive, just not very competitive.

Pros: Cheap Price, Comes with a helmet.
Cons: Will need updating...

This bike is like new, was purchased at 1400+ taxes plus Look KEO Easy pedals retail 79.99. He is asking 1100 obo.

Pros: Fairly good deal and great looking bike
Cons: Mildy expensive for a starter bike

Cheapest starter bike that I found ask $59. Look at all the pink !! For small to medium women, which you will be able to fit on. Looks like a mountain bike that has been turned into a road bike.

Pros: Very cheap, PINK
Cons: Only a starter bike if you get serious you need a new one, PINK

Blackwheel 100m Carbon Wheel for 470. These are very fast tires with only 20 miles on them. You could always get a cheap biker that can be easily upgraded, by added cheap parts as this one.

Pros: Blazing speed
Cons: Will not fit on every bike, not cheap

This is a bike that I posted up for my friend Amanda who rides a Bianchi in Celeste as well. At 850 this bike is a decent deal.

Pros: I already told you its a Bianchi
Cons: No aero bars.

Clicking on any of these pictures will bring you right to the post on Craigslist if you wish to read more information about them. All of these bikes are in the South Florida area and there are about 40-70 new posts for sale everyday. Hope that shed some light on your questions. Leave me a comment if you have questions about anything else.


  1. Hello, love the site! I am competing (or really, just completing) in my first sprint triathlon in a few months. I only have a mountain bike (Trek 850). It has thin "road" tires, but has mountain bike "straight bar" handle bars. Because I'm a beginner and am just looking to finish, is it a big deal using this bike? Should I make any investments, like handle bars? The only thing I've done is added clip pedals.



  2. Glad I could help :) As far as your mountain bike goes its your first triathlon, so you'll be fine. Just like you said you want to finish not win the thing. I suggest that you race fat tire division as you will be most competitive there. I would not spend too much money on fixing your mountain bike, you are better off spending the money on a tri bike. Although for your first couple of triathlons a mountain bike will help you do want you need, finishing... If you have any other questions feel free to shoot them my way :D


  3. I am an avid runner, just getting into tris. I am training for a marathon which is in December but want to start my tri training shortly after. I am lacking in my swimming skills and although I teach spinning at the University of Central Flordia gym I know road biking is much different. My biggest worry right now is the cost of getting started because I do not have a bike. I am 5'8" with a 33" inseam and I live in Orlando, Fl. Do you know of any deals in my area? I have been searching craigs list but I never know what is good or bad

  4. Well for triathlons I would highly suggest a bike that is aerodynamic. As triathlons are not draft legal finding a bike that you are aerodynamic on will make a huge difference for you. Other than that, if you are looking for bikes on craigslist I would look for a bike that seems to work well and is in good condition.