Thursday, July 23, 2009

Race Results

My race in Key Biscayne went really well the other day. Everything went as planned for once in the water, which is a nice change for me. Switch to a different pair of goggles definitely mean a big difference (no leaks). I was less than 30 seconds away from the leader in the male 20-24 and 40-49 age group, leaving the water in about 5th out of about 80+ swimmers. Transition from the swim to bike went very well and I placed in the top 100 there.

Bike is where I had most of my trouble this race. This is due to a couple of factors. First off I got a cheap bike as a Christmas present years ago that realllly need some updating. Riding over the Rickenbacker Causeway was a real battle on this bike as it is way to heavy to climb. I also did not log enough hours before the race on my bike, so I was not as fast as I normally am. I took my Hammer Gel a little too late on the bike making me somewhat sick when I got off to run. All and all though my bike was decent considering the equipment that is at my disposal.

The run was good, I say this because my time was not my fastest splits. Although I did feel great during the run. All my bike/run practice paid off big time. I did not feel as if I had rocks in my calves as I normally do, and felt very in control of my body despite how hard I was pushing myself.

I am still waiting on the pictures to be sent to me as they were not taken with my camera. As soon as I have them in my possession I will post them up for everyone to see.

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